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June 1 - SoS + Offair + Public Records present Nick Hakim & Meshell Ndegeocello

Join us on Wednesday, June 1

Sounds of Saving is partnering with OFFAIR and Public Records to present Nick Hakim with a special appearance by Meshell Ndegeocello, an evening to benefit the SoS Therapy Fund and youth programs.

100% of specialty cocktail proceeds and 10% of total restaurant sales will be directly donated to Sounds of Saving and therefore tax deductible. Donate to reserve your ticket to the show at OFFAIR.CO/shows and book your dinner reservation at the link in the description on DICE.

We’re a music and mental health nonprofit that designs and provides tools, content, resources, and curriculum to young people, ages 14 to 24, on how to discover and utilize music to support their mental health and wellness.

Artist Storytelling
Spreading stories from artists and fans about mental wellbeing

Educating & Engaging
School programs designed to introduce music as a common language that serves as a bridge to mental health

Providing tools and culturally competent resources for fans through events and on-tour activations

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Personal Stories

Music has been clinically proven to have a positive impact on mental health. In our “Songs that Found Me at the Right Time” series, artists share songs that have helped them through difficult times.

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Our community exists to lift each other up. What music has changed your life for the better? Share your own Songs That Found Me card and see what others have shared at @soundsofsaving.

Alex Rosamilia – The Songs That Found Me at the Right Time

1. The Cure - Fascination Street
2. Built to Spill - Carry The Zero
3. Radiohead - The National Anthem

Share the songs that found you at the moment you needed them most.

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Jim Ward
David Ricart
Gyöngyhajú lány
Lacey Baker
First Day Of My Live
Bright Eyes
Joan As Policewoman
Song For You
Donny Hathaway
Boy Harsher
No Sense
Cat Power
Out on the weekend
Neil Young
Jeffrey Santana
I’d rather go blind
Etta James