1. Education & Engagement

High School + College Programs

SoS HS: A high school limited curriculum, rooted in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), that teaches students how to use music receptively and intentionally for their mental health and wellbeing. SoS HS will consist of 4-5 sessions throughout the school year with supplemental material for further student-led touchpoints.

SoS Uni: This is a two-pronged initiative. The first is an annual College Campus Radio Campaign to raise awareness, which will be anchored by peer and artist storytelling as well as music based prompts. The second is live events and music based community building experiences for on campus clubs and groups.

We also design one-off workshops that use the power of live performance, discussion, and storytelling to connect high school students to local mental health professionals and pathways to care. Artists at past programs include Erick the Architect, Pink Siifu, Cleo Reed, Bryndon Cook, deem spencer, and Maassai.

2. Artist Storytelling

“Song That Found Me at the Right Time” Series

In this video series, we work with artists to tell the stories of how music and mental health care have improved their lives. In each video, an artist covers a song that has helped them during a difficult time and talks about how music and other activities — like therapy, meditation, or yoga — have helped them through challenging mental states. Produced in partnership with the 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline, their sister organization Vibrant Emotional Support, and other nonprofits, “Song That Found Me at the Right Time” has been featured in Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, AfroPunk, MTV and more.

Social Impact Media

We create personal, intimate content with the purpose of deeply connecting with fan bases using relatable stories and our shared connection to music.

Our content spans these formats:
• Long form content (5-7 minutes)
• Social cuts - cross platform packages for Youtube, Meta, TikTok, Snap
• Commercial/PSA (30-90 seconds)
• Experiential - Events and Activations

And cultural calendar moments like:
• Mental Health Awareness Month
• Suicide Prevention Month
• World Mental Health Day
• BIPOC Mental Health Month
• Pride, AAPI Awareness Month, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s History Month

3. Connection


In order to reach as broad a group of fans as possible, we support a diverse array of programming, with our participation ranging from appearing on-site with mental health resources to leading educational discussions. Throughout the year, we put on a suite of events in collaboration with our ongoing partners: OFFAIR, Republic Records, National Sawdust, and more.

Our live Feedback Sessions bring together music and discussion about a mental health theme or issue and includes musicians, other artists or writers and mental health professionals. Past themes have included inertia and how to get "un-stuck" from it, gender identity, working through childhood trauma, and coping with pandemic-related depression and anxiety. While remaining intimate and conversational, SoS sessions tend to move from identifying a problematic issue to discussing ways of managing or coping with it.
SoS On Tour

We join tours—from Courtney Barnett's Here and There Festival to Re:SET to 6LACK's Since I Have a Lover—to bring education and resources to locales where mental healthcare is scarce and difficult to navigate. At each stop we partnered with a local mental health professional and a member from the 988 Suicide + Crisis Lifeline, who were there to help fans navigate local resources and demystify the process of getting help. 

We've handed out thousands of our own wallet crisis cards, which have a QR code with access to local mental health resources. We've also collected thousands of “Songs That Found Me At The Right Time” cards, which fans filled out with their personal stories on one side and “three songs that found them” on the other.