Therapy Fund

NOTE: The Therapy Fund is currently closed. Please check back here, or follow our Instagram @soundsofsaving, to be notified of future openings.

The Sounds of Saving Therapy Fund is a program that offers fans and employees of specific artists, musicians and other creators the opportunity to be reimbursed for therapy in the form of vouchers for up to 12 psychotherapy sessions with a licensed clinician. Upon signing up for the fund, you will receive a response from SoS within 3 weeks. 

SoS does not endorse any specific providers, but therapists will be vetted through established networks that SoS uses for this initiative. Therapists are found in all 50 states. The average reimbursement rate is $100 session unless otherwise agreed upon, with no out-of-pocket costs for our recipients. On a case-by-case basis, we will ask that therapists bill SoS directly after each session via invoice or that the participant seek funds directly from SoS. 

Some questions that participants in the SoS Therapy Fund may include:

How do I sign up for the fund?
Register via this link.

What criteria must be met in order to be eligible for the fund?
You must simply apply. If we have spots available, you will be accepted.

What happens if I am not accepted into the fund?
You can submit again when a new fund opens. We can help you find support in the interim.

What information will I be expected to provide in order to participate in the fund?
City and state of residence
Phone number (optional)

Can I choose my own therapist, or do I have to use one from the SoS partnership network?
Ideally, you select your own or locate one via our existing partner networks such as Alma.

How do I request funding for therapy sessions?
We can send a check to you and ask for documentation that the session occurred and/or was paid for.

Is there a limit to the number of sessions that can be reimbursed?
12 sessions is the maximum amount.

What happens if I need therapy beyond the 12 sessions covered by the fund?

SoS cannot provide funding beyond the 12 sessions. As always, we will make a goodwill attempt to provide leads for affordable and culturally competent care but we can’t guarantee those outcomes.

Are there any exclusions or limitations to the types of therapy that are eligible for reimbursement?
SoS will accept treatment of all modalities from a fully licensed clinician. How will my personal and medical information be protected during the therapy process?SoS will not be involved in any aspect of the treatment or the treatment relationship. We will only ask for proof that sessions occurred in order to provide funding. SoS will have no knowledge of any content or outcome of the therapy. We will maintain data on our program overall and therefore track the numbers and de-identified demographics of the participants in it.