4 Lyrics for Feeling Your Feelings

December 21, 2022

By Kelly Schwint

Music is an art form that connects us all and helps get us through difficult situations. We all have that one song that makes us cry, that we love to listen to when we’re sad. The cry is therapeutic, and so is the song. Artists often write from their personal experiences, but no matter how particular the inspiration is, the artist still finds a way to make the music relatable. Check out these songs if you’re looking for a few lyrics to identify with and comfort you in your specific situation:

1. “Colorado” by Reneé Rapp

LISTEN TO WHEN: Mental health feels overwhelming, and you want an escape.

“I think my life might be better if I lived in Colorado / Cause maybe there I’d like myself.” 

Fantasizing about an imaginary new life can help you cope with your current struggles — but it is just a fantasy. Using music and your imagination as escapism can sometimes give you a healthy, short distraction. 

2. “Haunted House” by Holly Humberstone 

LISTEN TO WHEN: Growing up is scary, and you want to hold onto childhood.

“All these ghosts I’ve grown with / As it slips away from me / I still hold on hopelessly.”

College and post-grad can be lonely, especially when you realize you are growing up. Connecting with memories from childhood, like going back to your parent’s house or flipping through a scrapbook, can bring comfort, but you still feel it slipping away. 

3. “Light Blue” by Snail Mail

LISTEN TO WHEN: Feeling head over heels infatuated with someone.

“First time I met you, I knew then / There would be no in-between.” 

We’ve all experienced a “love-at-first-sight” situation where we absolutely fell in love with someone from the very beginning. The intoxicating love isn’t always healthy, but it happens to all of us. 

4. “Sorry” by beabadoobee

LISTEN TO WHEN: A friend is struggling with their mental health, but so are you.

“That you could be the one that deserved this, even more / But you stayed in the same dark place that I adore.” 

Nothing is worse than seeing someone you love suffer, but sometimes it is too painful to watch them in that mental state. Everyone wants to help their friends, but you must also take care of your mental health.