Yellow Springs, OH

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Yellow Springs Riding Centre

Phone: (937) 767-9087 | The Riding Centre Association is a nonprofit organization that provides a foundation in safe riding and the care and management of horses through affordable lessons to children and adults of diverse capabilities from Yellow Springs, Ohio, and surrounding communities. People of all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds benefit from day camps, group and private lessons, and our therapeutic riding program.

Autumn Trails Stable

Phone: (937) 536-9912 | Our mission is to strive to nurture the full potential of individuals in our community through the therapeutic power of horses.

National Queer & Trans Therapists of Color Network

The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN) is a healing justice organization committed to transforming mental health for queer and trans people of color (QTPoC). We work at the intersection of movements for social justice and the field of mental health to integrate healing justice into both of these spaces. Our overall goal is to increase access to healing justice resources for QTPoC.

Project Woman

Phone: (937) 328-5308 | Project Woman is dedicated to ending domestic violence and sexual assault by providing services and programs to protect, educate, and empower. With your help we can make a difference.

Family Violence Prevention Center

Phone: (937) 376-8526 | The mission of the Family Violence Prevention Center is to reduce family and relationship violence and its impact in Greene County through prevention, intervention, safe-housing and collaborative community programs.

Artemis Center

24/7 Domestic Violence Crisis Line: (937) 461-HELP (4357) | Artemis Center empowers survivors of domestic violence to make decisions and choices that will establish and maintain safety for themselves and their children. By working collaboratively with other community services, Artemis Center advocates are able to coordinate needed services. Additionally, community education and advocacy programs help to create community best practice responses for survivors of domestic violence.

The Emily Program

Phone: (888) 364-5977 | Founded in 1993, The Emily Program has become nationally recognized for our compassionate and personalized approach to eating disorder awareness, treatment, and lifetime recovery.

Ohio's Hospice of Dayton

Phone: (937) 258-4991 | Grief support programs offered.

Ohio's Community Mercy Hospice

Phone: (937) 390-9665 | Grief support programs offered.

Montgomery County Crisis Now Hotline

24/7 Crisis Line: (833) 580-CALL (2255) |

Family Services of Dayton (counseling services for hearing impaired)

Phone: (937) 222-9481 | Since 1896, Family Services has been serving Dayton and surrounding communities by providing counseling and community based social services. Since then, Family Services has housed many organizations under our umbrella that provide specialized services for those in need. From services for the deaf to treating a variety of mental health issues, from depression and anxiety to severe trauma, we continue to strive to provide quality services for our neighbors in need.

Greene County Crisis Line (operated by TCN)

24/7 Crisis Line: (937) 376-8701 | TCN provides a 24 hour crisis hotline for clients and non-clients of our agency. In the event that you experience a crisis situation, including feeling suicidal or homicidal, you can call the hotline 24 hours a day, every day of the year. You will be connected with an experienced hotline operator and provided individualized attention to your needs and developing a plan to meet your goals.

Well Within

Phone: (614) 392-5933 | Our psychiatric nurse practitioners specialize in treating a broad spectrum of psychiatric symptoms including Acute Stressors, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety and Panic Symptoms, Bipolar Spectrum, Compulsions, Depression, Dysthymia, Difficulty Concentrating, Impulsivity, Insomnia, Obsessive Thinking, Overwhelm, Pharmacogenomic Testing, Personality Disruptions, PTSD, Self-Harm Thoughts and Behaviors, and Thought Disturbance.

Woodstream Wellness Psychiatic

Phone: (937) 759-0545 | Our WSW Team includes board certified specialists committed to treating, inspiring, empowering, nurturing, and supporting the human spirit. Our office is proud to offer both prescribers for medication management and therapists for psychotherapy. At WSW, we are devoted to not only upholding, but surpassing standards of mental health care and our clients’ expectations. We serve the Greater Dayton and Cincinnati Area with honor.

Solutions Health and Wellness

Phone: (937) 988-0989 | Solutions Health and Wellness is a Behavioral and Psychiatric practice of licensed, trained, accredited and experienced Nurse Practitioners who are highly respected in their field. Our providers lengthy work experiences have fostered their passion for helping those most in need. Their extensive personal, educational and research experience has led them to elevated competency in assisting their patients to meet health and wellbeing.

PATH Behavioral Health

Phone: (937) 226-9787 | PATH Behavioral Health is an organization that specializes in providing high quality, innovative behavioral health treatment via strength-based solutions and positive approaches to care.


Phone: (937) 912-3306 | Finding a mental health provider that is right for you and making your first appointment can be the most difficult steps in your mental health journey. At LifeStance, we make it simple. We have board certified psychiatrists and licensed therapists offering online and in-person appointments. Our mission is to provide high quality mental health services that enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and the community.

Emerald Psychiatry & TMS Center

Phone: (614) 565-7075 | At Emerald Psychiatry we believe patients deserve access to real time mental health care! We treat patients 13 years of age and older with mental health needs related to anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and more.

Earthside Health & Wellness

Phone: (513) 506-0345 | Earthside Health and Wellness is a mental health clinic focusing on women and children. We will provide you with the tools and support that will bring you back to the Earthside. One with yourself in mind body and spirit. Providing holistic and integrative Mental Health treatment focusing on the body inside and out. This will include nutrition, hormones, nature, movement, as well as therapy and medication.

Beckett Springs Changes

Phone: 937-518-6181 | Beckett Springs Changes is an outpatient mental health clinic in Dayton, OH. We provide intensive outpatient programs (IOP) and partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for those facing mental health and addiction challenges. Our programs offer specialized, compassionate behavioral health treatment for children, adolescents and adults.

Beckett Springs

Phone: (513) 942-9500 | We’re here to support your journey of recovery from mental health & addiction challenges.

Tracy Hunt, LPCC

Phone: (937) 321-9794 | I help adults reduce anxious thoughts, increase self-esteem, heal from non-complex trauma, manage stress and chronic pain, heal from grief and loss, adjust to life changes and improve negative thinking patterns. Therapy doesn't have to take years. A lot of clients find the help they need in 6-8, or sometimes fewer sessions.

Roush & Associates

Phone: (937) 879-7996

Rise Counseling Group

Phone: (937) 619-9089 | Email: | Rise Counseling Group is a social justice based private practice in Dayton, OH, and the first of its kind! We focus on improving the mental health and wellness of Black women & teen girls, and other women of color by doing therapy at the many intersections of life that can impact our mental health- race, gender, sexuality, ability, social injustice, and so on! We offer space to heal and have hope when dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and life’s ups and downs. We believe in “having the conversation” to help clients be released from the junk they carry with them day to day as women, daughters, sisters, mothers, and partners.

Positive Perspectives

Phone: (937) 390-3800 | Positive Perspectives is a group of mental health professionals who are dedicated to helping with life’s difficulties. We are trained psychologists, social workers, and counselors. But more than that, we are real people who have coped with and transcended difficult life experiences ourselves.

Layh & Associates

Phone: (937) 767-9171 | The broad range of specialities and extensive experience of our clinical staff allow us to offer evaluation, treatment, and support for most mental, emotional, behavioral, or relationship challenges for adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families.

Karen Nelson, LPCC, LICDC

Phone: (937) 903-6606

Joan Chappelle, LPCC

Phone: (937) 776-4463

Hesed Psychological Assessment Services

Phone: (937) 567-0546 | Hesed Psychological Services can meet all of your assessment needs across the lifespan. We provide neuropsychological assessment services for learning difficulties, attention problems, memory concerns, autism spectrum disorders, and dementia/Alzheimer's disease.

Hensel Ward, PhD

Phone: (937) 390-7773 | We offer a wide range of psychological and counseling services to all ages. We offer treatment for most emotional, behavioral, school, work or relationship problems including anxiety, depression, addictions and PTSD. We work with individuals, couples and families and correspond with physicians when health care is central to recovery. We also help workers maintain their employment while they are recovering from their mental illness and mediate conflict with employers so they can keep their job. In the case of injured workers covered by the BWC we advocate for our patients through their attorney and physicians to maximize their treatment and maintain their compensation.

Eric McLellan, LPCC

Phone: (937) 643-0091

Empowering Wellness

Phone: (937) 230-4661 | We work with highly intelligent individuals and high achievers, such as CEO, executives, engineers, pilots, professional athletes, college students, federal and government employees who may find the need for a discreet and understanding counselor. If you have been able to successfully hide from your trauma or have found therapy unsuccessful in the past, Empowering Wellness may be the right fit for you. We utilize structured and supportive modalities that create a thoughtful and safe counseling environment that empowers you to do the work and move forward on your path to healing.

Empower Psychology

Phone: (937) 294-6004 | At Empower our mission is to guide discovery through quality psychological services that lead to self-empowerment and optimal living.

Ellen Bierhorst, PhD

Phone: (513) 221-1289 | Email: | Born 1940 in Cincinnati, I’ve been interested in healing, wellness, and positive mental health all my life. I’ve had a long and fascinating career in psychology doing holistic psychotherapy here at the Lloyd House since the early 1970’s, but was additionally captivated by The Alexander Technique in 2001. In 2009 I certified (M.AmSAT) as a teacher and opened my practice. Understandably, I have a special interest in the geriatric application of the Technique, and have many elderly students. I am also interested in the mental health tie-in. I have a very attractive package deal for students new to the Technique: first lesson FREE, etc. etc. I hope you will call.

Cordell Associates

Phone: (937) 276-3356 | Our providers include licensed psychologists, clinical counselors, independent social workers, marriage and family therapists, and advanced supervised graduate trainees. The mission of Cordell Associates is to provide competent, compassionate, comprehensive care. We strive to make our services accessible for all, and provide a comfortable private practice setting, with empathic clinicians and warm, highly trained support staff.

Chet Raleigh

Phone: (937) 242-0326 | I am a non-judgmental, non-biased licensed therapist in the state of Ohio. I've worked in private practice and community health.

Carrie Evans

Phone: (513) 266-9581 | The entire world has been changed, seemingly overnight. Please reach out if you need to talk to someone. Ever wake up in the morning and said to yourself, "I cannot keep doing this", only to find yourself doing the very thing you swore off only four hours ago? If you have said this to yourself, you have probably been surfing the internet for a cure for addictions, or how to quit drinking so much, or how to make it through detox. Addictions are insufferable. I have been working in the field for 13 years with mental health and addiction issues. I believe in the person I am working with. There are many wonderful techniques, standardized programs, and other evidence-based approaches to treating addiction, but my approach is individualized. I focus on the person, and what will work for you! I have seen wonderful results with using sand therapy, mindfulness and other non-traditional methods.

Bridget Jones, PsyD

Phone: (937) 468-4868 | Given that the therapy relationship is the number one predictor of change during treatment, I value building a trusting, warm, and non-judgmental relationship with my clients. It is my hope that you will feel my compassion and understanding, while also feeling challenged to explore new ways of thinking and feeling. I often use humor during session, but prioritize diving deeper into areas that are causing you suffering. We will work as a team to develop treatment goals that fit your life and context. I am anti-racist and LGBTQIA+ affirming, and value discussing all aspects of your identity when approaching therapy.

Equitas Health Cincinnati Medical Center

Phone: (513) 815-4475 | Mental health counseling center in Cincinnati, OH

Open Path

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective is a nonprofit nationwide network of mental health professionals dedicated to providing in-office and online mental health care—at a steeply reduced rate—to clients in need.

Equitas Health

Email: | Phone: (833) 378.4827 | Equitas Health is a nonprofit community healthcare system founded in 1984. We are one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ and HIV/AIDS-serving organizations, serving tens of thousands of patients in Ohio, Texas, Kentucky, and West Virginia.