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Info-Social 811

Phone: 811 | Info‑Social 811 is a free and confidential telephone consultation service. 811 is the only telephone number for this service. You can call 811 to reach a psychosocial worker quickly if you have a psychosocial problem. The service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anyone who lives in Québec can call Info‑Social 811 for themselves or for a family member or friend. A person who lives in Québec cannot call Info‑Social 811 if they are outside Québec.


Phone: (514) 486-1448 | Email: | AMI-Quebec is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy. Our programs are free!

Wood Psychology

Phone: 514-293-5545 | Email: | We offer both online/video appointments as well as in-person appointments at our two locations (Plateau and downtown). We have clinicians who speak English, French, Persian, Mandarin, and Polish. Our team of dedicated professionals include licensed professionals as well as Ph.D. Candidates and Ph.D. Interns.

Katherine Barr

Phone: 438-875-3494 | Email: | En tant que Thérapeute en Relation d’aide par l’ANDC je suis spécialiste de la relation à soi et aux autres. J’offre de la thérapie individuelle, de la thérapie de couple par l’ANDC , des ateliers et des conférences , ainsi que de la régulation et du coaching pour les thérapeutes et personne en position d’autorité. Je crois fondamentalement que chacun porte en soi les réponses à ses questions ainsi que les ressources nécessaires pour créer son bonheur. C’est donc avec tout mon cœur, mes années d’expériences et ma grande confiance en vous que je serai là pour vous accompagner dans ce chemin vers plus d’acceptation de vous, plus de pouvoir sur vos besoins et plus de bonheur relationnel.

Divan Bleu

Phone: (438) 230-4009 | Email: | Clinic offering individual therapy, couples therapy, therapy for teens and children, spiritual and energetic guidance, sex therapy, and polyamory and non-conventional relationship therapy.

TrueSelf Psychology

Phone: (514) 933-2289 | Email: | Having worked with thousands of individuals since 2005, I have developed a progressive and solution-oriented approach called TrueSelf Psychology®, that is tailored to break restraining patterns by reconditioning self-opposing mind patterns (SOMPs) and releasing the tension of old trauma wounds in a 6-9 sessions program. My innate skills include an empathetic and insightful nature, an ability to see people’s true core, and quickly identify the cause of their issues creating their disalignment. Together, we work through the TrueSelf Psychology® program to create realignment with your TrueSelf.

Couple and Family Therapy Montreal

Text: (514) 525-0947 | Email: | Each of our couple therapists and counsellors have specialized training working with couples. We have art therapists and teen counsellors who are great at connecting with teens and a deeply compassionate parenting coach who helps parents get to the root of the problem. When parenting coaching is not addressing the problem, we now offer play therapy with children, in close collaboration with parents. Finally, we have a money coach who specializes in working with couples!

NDG Therapy

Contact: bottom of website | My psychotherapy practice supports women and their partners before, during, and after the birth of a baby. I also offer bereavement support in the event of a perinatal loss whether due to abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth, pregnancy interruption and neonatal death (up to 12 months of age), and for couples dealing with fertility issues. ​ I treat perinatal and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, and offer support groups for postpartum women (ABC - After Baby Comes Support Group), pregnancy after loss (A Different Pregnancy Support Group), and a prenatal workshop on the transition to parenting (Partnering in Parenting).

Natasha Williot Dramatherapy

Phone: 873-730-3531 | I'm Natasha (she/her), an avid tea lover, storyteller and adventure seeker. I am part of the neurodivergent, multicultural, multilingual and 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Each of these identities has a powerful impact on my sense of belonging and my understanding of systems of power and oppression. This influence in my therapeutic process is reflected in my systemic and holistic approach. Having grown up as the "other", I have learned to use theater and the arts in all its forms to understand myself, express myself and find community. Now I have the unique pleasure of helping people who are part of those same communities.

West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre

Phone: (514) 696-0948 | Founded by husband and wife team, Dr. Yaniv Elharrar, clinical psychologist, and Lisa Brookman, psychotherapist, The West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre, is one of Canada’s leading private clinics, offering cutting edge mental health services, in a safe and nurturing space. Over the past 20 years, we have proudly grown into a team of over 25 seasoned professionals, all dedicated and committed to meeting the mental health and wellness needs of our Canadian community. From individual, couple, family therapy, workshops and corporate wellness to academic assessments, speech and occupational therapy, the WITWC offers a comprehensive and compassionate approach, both ONLINE and IN PERSON. We are passionate about helping you and your family achieve your optimum mental wellness and lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Neurolotus Art Therapy

Phone: (438) 817-0371 | As an art therapist, I use humanistic, mindfulness and systemic approaches. Through the tools these therapeutic approaches provide, we will find strategies to empower yourself and feel supported in your healing process. I am committed to helping you learn life-long skills to set your goals, purpose and strengthen your self-esteem effectively. As a multi-ethnic woman, I have experienced and endured the hardship of oppressive racism and social injustice. Consequently, I am empathic and advocate for Social Justice matters. To me, the most important thing is to help you navigate such issues in the best possible way. Book your free consultation, find out if I am a good match for your healing needs!

Montreal Therapy Centre

Phone: (514) 244-1290 | Email: | The Montreal Therapy Centre was founded in 2003 by 3 passionate classmates who believed that everyone should have access to affordable mental health care. With cutbacks to our public health system, psychotherapy was becoming more difficult to access at the same time that the need for these services was growing. We believed that mental health is the foundation for well-being, solid families and a strong community and so we were committed to build an organization to meet these needs. From our humble beginnings, MTC has grown to include nearly 100 professionals providing therapy in 17 languages.